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I take responsibility, make tough decisions, listen to problems and find solutions. I am founder and strategic advisor to several companies. Real innovation is when you create the future of tomorrow and it is in my DNA to take action! I am dedicated to collaboration and driven by curiosity.

I continued to develop companies within various industries. They continuously advance in their specific domain, while complementing each other to drive holistic solutions. I have also worked with international and global corporations, taking responsibility of driving strategic projects and programs.


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Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of the Club of Rome, invited me to join this ambitious project in late 2015. 'Come On!' shows what can be done to develop a more sustainable world. Members of the club are optimistic that fabulous opportunities exist to guide the world towards sustainable prosperity. In my previous academics and business profession, I observed various notable changes in our society encouraging him to interlink technology, politics, economics and sociology.

Wir sind dran. Club of Rome: Der große Bericht Was wir ändern müssen, wenn wir bleiben wollen. Eine neue Aufklärung für eine volle Welt

Lars ist Mitautor dieses Buches.

»Wir verfügen über genügend Wissen, die erforderlichen Veränderungen für den Erhalt der Welt zu schaffen.« (Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker)