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Technology & Security Expert

Complexity is my domain and I surprise customers with simple solutions that make the difference. I am a polymath with photographic memory, which is based on a strong foundation of various study programs. At the same time I am passionate autotidact. I see my giftedness as a vocation to serve in mission critical situations. I am global advisor for technology, architecture and security. I excell in cross-industry scenarios covering IoT, Automotive Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, ADAS, XR, future mobility, avionics, drones, reconnescence, counter intelligence, data analytics, smart data, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, health, medical, ... and various other dimensions!

With my extreme wide skills, I can deliver top performance across industries. I am valued advisor for Fortune 50 companies creating the strategy on board level. I am also advisor for investors and analysists to demystify hypes by clarification and explanation of technology, physics, sociology and global politics. Compared ot futurists, my advisory is stands out because I always build thesis and recommendation on hard facts and estimations that can be tracked and continously verified to secure assets, track profitability and create/maintain a first mover advantage.

As a global security expert, I am valued advisor to prevent or analyze security incidents. Security in technology becomes increasingly important in our society, economics and global politics.

Achievements and vita in a brief version:
CyberSecurity and Solutions Architect with 15+ years of automotive industry experience always jumping in new topics like smart grid, connect, avionics, security, defense, ...
Overall responsibility for online connectivity at Audi and VW Group
Global advisory for OEMs, TIERs, Investors and Analysts since 2015
Innovator and Solutions Architect for Industry and Defense, working for international corporations, politics and defense like DARPA
AI, Quantum Computing, BioTechnology, Genetics and Climate Change plotting the future strategy for on of the world's top 3 healthcare corporations
Covering Technology, Economics and Social Change for the international Club of Rome, contributing to the 50th anniversary book 'Come On!'
Analysis and advice on the strategic reorientation of one of the largest and well-known global chip manufacturer
Future network technology and domain architectures


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