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Our fast-paced world, globalization and increased interdependencies are challenging our roadmaps every single day. I am passionate about resilient and adaptive strategies driving long-term prosperity!

No plan survives first contact with the enemy - Helmuth von Moltke

Economists claim various military phrases like "conquering market shares" or erecting (market entry) barriers. They tend to create the illusion of simplicity by excluding third party interrelations of our complex world when presenting systemic models.
I strongly disagree with such simple thinking! To make it even worse, a good strategy is taught to be a well-planned and detailed roadmap, where milestones precisely track progress towards success. Come on, this is historic, or even pre-historic thinking! Our world is increasingly complex. How can anyone claim to be able to outline a detailed and fixed roadmap that is expected to endure while breaking new ground?! Remember Helmuth von Moltke, a German field marshal (1800-1891). According to his quote stated above, we should quickly reconsider our todays so called ‘best practices’.

When entering a bold strategy or vision that is breaking new ground, only the beginning of our journey can be planned. A good preparation consists, at least, of a skilled team and the common understanding of the shared vision or mission. I typically rely on a diversified and yet overlapping set of skills in my teams. Such teams will know how to adapt. And they will adapt with composure, not panic. Too many external factors are beyond our control. In such conclusion, Moltke inspired me to consider the extensive preparation of all possible outcomes as a reoccurring task along our ongoing venture. Don't confuse this with existing 'risk-mitigation' mechanisms. Risk-mitigation puts focus on negative objectives, facilitating self-fulfilling prophecies in performers. Observing and adjusting is a completely different approach of 'way-finding'. It takes advantage of opportunities and adapts to new conditions.


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