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My passion is to develop strategies and tactics in complex environments or highly critical situations. I am listed in several agencies and valued for my global bail-out advisory. I save global players and organizations in mission critical situations.

I am an business professional with many years of experience in strategic leadership positions.  Early on in my career, I took responsibility for my innovative ideas. Bringing my innovations to life, I advanced in corporate business development and accepted responsibility for international corporate goals.



Co-Founder and CEOUnleash Future - international Think Tank and center of excellence
Unleash Future - international center of excellence

Unleash FutureⓇ is an international center of excellence. Extremely gifted and talented people around the world joined to form this extraordinary Think Tank. We expand your knowledge base. Together we will push frontiers for you to achieve superiority. In diversified teams, we provide ground-breaking strategies, tactics and solutions to those facing daunting challenges, multi-dimensional scenarios and remaining uncertainties’


Eng Office Lars Holger Engelhard - Advisor and Cross-Industry Expert. International Speaker and AuthorStrategic Advisor and Cross-Industry Expert
Engineering office MBA B.Eng. Lars Holger Engelhard

  • Global bail-out advisory in highly critical situations and corporate strategy
  • Strategic advisory for top executives and managers to achieve excellence
  • Strategies, action plans and tactics for innovative business growth within ecologic sustainable boundaries for Investors, C-Level, Governments and NGOs
  • Demystification by Clarification - emerging tech explained for investors and C-Level to align corporate strategy to outsmart competition
  • Re-thinking global economics and thinking outside the box


AUDI AG and Volkswagen Group IT Director MBB4VW GroupDirector for ’MBB4VW Group’, a novel modular and group-wide IT-backend architecture
AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

  • Director of a virtual matrix office in the VW Group with direct report to C-level and top management
  • Budget and employee responsibility (>60 million €, 19 managers, >100 internal and external employees)
  • Overall responsibility for key components to achieve strategic corporate objectives
  • Head of the VW Cybersecurity Standardization Board for Radio Communications, Online Services and Telematics
  • Successful order clarification and commissioning by the board of directors, outperforming IBM, HP and T-Systems
  • I saved 300 thousand € per year by simplification of the deployment process and additional 1 million € by modifying
    APIs to support pay-per-use capabilities
  • Advanced collaboration by coaching and educating management trainees of VW Group members
  • International patents in the field of data mining, big data, device diagnostics, Vehicle2Vehicle/ Vehicle2X, swarm intelligence, mobile device performance and connectivity optimization


bfftTechnical Project Manager
BFFT, Gaimersheim

  • BFFT was selected by Audi to create a brand independent representative role for me, taking full responsibility for the VW Group Connect solution
  • Audi internal Managerial authority was granted directly by the EE director of AUDI
  • Operational responsibility for modular base and core components of Connect Strategy for AUDI and VW Group
  • Responsibility for online security
  • I claimed several international patents in the area of Car2Car, swarm intelligence, online services, telematics and communication techniques
  • Representation of Audi interests and strategies to the VW Group members, contractors and official committees
  • Mentoring predevelopment and near-series development at AUDI and VW Group


Eng Office Lars Holger Engelhard - Strategic Advisor and Cross-Industry Expert. International Speaker and Author.Founder & CEO
Eng. Office Lars Engelhard, Nuremberg

  • Growing a striving and innovating company for systems architecture and cyber security
  • Focus on mobile connectivity, software applications and IT Backend solutions
  • Design of safety and security systems, including critical infrastrucutre and high revenue online systems
  • Ethical whitebox and blackbox hacking improving industry and communication systems
  • Design of decentralized and large cluster systems, high availability, swarms and mesh networks
  • Developing advanced machine learning (ML) based anomaly detection since 2009, certainly rated AI today


elektrobitSoftware Engineer - advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) & Autonomous Driving
3SOFT / Elektrobit Automotive Software, Erlangen

  • Development of innovative advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD)
  • Claiming my first international patent in ADAS



Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair Club of Rome
Lars is a real intellectual power engine and from my perspective a first-class candidate for our ambitious project [Come on!].

Robert Wildfeuer, Owner, Wildfeuer Consulting
Lars is incredibly talented. I have seen him plot outstanding strategies, developing the organization and aligning actions for global corporations – all in one go! Lars actually takes advantage of complexity. With his one of a kind mindset, he comes up with effective solutions. If you face complexity and need the best strategy for your organization, Lars is the perfect match for you. Beyond business, he is a great guy, too. I enjoyed his selfmade german bread.

Michael Robert Biber, CTO VRART Corp., CEO new direction GmbH
Lars' ideas are often big and revolutionary, yet feasible in their approach. He has an incredible mind and is truly gifted. And besides all the support and achievements for positive disruption he brings to our world, he is a great guy with a big heart.

Hunter Post, Strategic Coach, ex-Special Agent Top Secret Clearance
Lars is a global visionary thinker, excelling at cross-disciplinary thinking and strategic team alignment. He hones in on the fundamental root of a problem and makes the solution happen at ground level, integrating the technical, human, and economic elements. Any technology-oriented company would be well served to have Lars as an advisor.

Prof. Dr. Holger Sommerfeldt, Academic Director IUBH
Lars has demonstrated a rare blend of top research, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Ben Walker, Consultant at Bain & Company
Lars has an enviable grasp of the industry, it's ins and outs, and the major trends driving change. He gave an excellent crash-course in the connected vehicle space, both detailed and approachable for the layman, that quickly ran our whole team up the learning curve!

Niklas Samuelsson, Management Consultant at Arthur D. Little
Lars has exceptional insights and knowledge in the autonomous vehicle space. He is a global expert providing his understanding of current trends, technology competencies, business logic, politics, regulations and the competitive landscape. I strongly recommend Lars if you seek to accelerate your business or further develop your knowledge.

Dr. Holger Mueller, COO at Spiden & CEO at Tmmune AG
I have worked with Lars at a workshop of a leading pharmaceutical company, where Lars was invited as a subject matter expert on futurology, climate change and implications for the healthcare industry. I have experienced Lars as a highly talented individual, who is very quick in grasping complex topics and translating them into plain language that resonates with a broad audience (his contributions to the Club of Rome book Come on! are a case in point). If you need an expert to explain to you the future and what precautions you should take today to be prepared for it, I can highly recommend Lars.



IUBH - International University Bad Honnef - BonnMaster of Business Administration (MBA)
completed in extra-occupational studies with distinction, Grade Point Average 1.5 / A
International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef - Bonn


TH GSO Technical University Georg Simon Ohm NurembergBachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
University of Technology Nuremberg Georg-Simon-Ohm


FAU Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg logoLMU LogoTH GSO Technical University Georg Simon Ohm NurembergMedicine, Computer Science, Psychology and Sociology
extra-occupational university courses without qualification requirement


Social Commitment

Author, Viable World Design Network (NGO)
2016 - present                     
Author and Think Tank member to achieve the SDGs of the UN - 'How Nation States Can Build a Viable World for 11 Billion People'

Mentor, Mensa GermanyMensa - gifted people
2012 - present                         
Mentoring highly gifted young students of the Mensa association, as well as science & engineering programs

Scuba Diving Instructor, SSIssi
2008 - present                     
Organization and performance of education dives, certification of divers

FAU Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg logoSailing Instructor, Specialized hospital for amputation Osterhofen and Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
2008 - 2011                         
sailing instructor for amputees

FAU Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg logoSailing Instructor, Sailing instructor, organization and performance of sailing courses for the Friedrich-Alexander-University
2008 - 2011                         
sailing instructor for students

Initiator and Directorradioscoutingwosom of various JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) activities connecting scouts world-wide via amateur radio. Hands-on activities like JOTAs are introducing young teenager to engineering, international communication and encouraging intercultural exchange.
2006 - 2007                        
JOTA activity in Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm
1999 - 2000                        
Initiator and coordinator to run a ham radio station at the national scout camp of the VCP (>3000 scouts). Education and daily courses for teenagers providing technical insight and world-wide radio communication

1998 - 1999                        
JOTA (outdoor) activity in Landshut


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